We warmly welcome Eva Mjöll, the new Managing Director of Eygló

Eva Mjöll Júlíusdóttir has been appointed to the position of managing director at Eygló and will start work at the beginning of next year. Eva Mjöll has a diverse background and is now living in Norway.

Eva has a degree in management and work psychology and gained extensive experience in innovation processes and community development as a project manager/consultant at the Norwegian consulting company Tinkr. In recent years, she has worked as an expert in the business field at the Embassy of Iceland in Oslo. The main subject in her work there has been in the field of energy and climate issues, with an emphasis on facilitating the energy exchange, among other things, through networking and various collaborative projects.

Eva says she is excited to take on new projects and is looking forward to moving from the city environment in Oslo to the peace and quiet in the East.

Allar fréttir